Scholarship winner Kelly Irvine begins studies at WVU

by Sam Sentelle

Kelly Irvine Scholarship winner

Scholarship winner begins studies at WVU

Kelly Irvine

September 4, 2018

Kelly Irvine has started her freshman year at West Virginia University with a major in agricultural business management and minors in food technology, leadership studies, and communications. She is a graduate of Buffalo High, a school to which she had transferred in order to be a part of the program developed by master teacher Danielle Grant. “I hape to be able to work within the agriculture industry in West Virginia,” Kelly said.

“I really would love to have a job within this wonderful state and bring the knowledge to work with communities through the West Virginia Department of Agriculture.– in marketing or communications. I also would like to work for a corporate agriculture company within the state to promote their business and commerce.”

Kelly was active in the Future Farmers of America Club at Buffalo. “Through the FFA I found that there are really a lot of careers in agriculture. She is a regional vice-president in the state FFA Association.

The Herald-Dispatch reported (Sept. 2) that Kelly showed a steer at the West Virginia State Fair last month, and was judged 4th in her class.

“A lot of kids are thinking about doctors and lawyers,” she said. “Well, those doctors and lawyers have to eat, you know. By the year 2050, the US Department of Agriculture expects our population to reach nine billion if not more. And our agriculture production will have to double to meet the demand of our growing population. I believe that is really an issue, and I would like to get into this and see if I could be part of the change that makes our world greater.”

Kelly Irvine Scholarship winner
Kelly Irvine Scholarship winner
Kelly Irvine Scholarship winner
Kelly Irvine Scholarship winner

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