Recent Program Speakers

Every month, we invite at least 3 local speakers to come and talk with Putnam County Rotary. We appreciate each and every one of you that does! Thanks so much for taking the time to come talk about your business, cause, or charity with us. The world is a better place because you are in it!

Presidential campaign items trace American history

Putnam Rotarians today were treated to a unique review of presidential elections by Dr. Ed Grant who displayed a broad collection of campaign ribbons, badges, and tokens from the 19th century.

Life Happens! Thoughts on life insurance by Tom Midkiff

Just about everyone has some type of life insurance, Tom Midkiff told Putnam Rotarians today. Most people should review their insurance just as they would other investments.

Scholarship winner Kelly Irvine begins studies at WVU

Kelly Irvine has started her freshman year at West Virginia University with a major in agricultural business management and minors in food technology, leadership studies, and communications.

Rotarians meet new scholarship winner Maria Plaza Gomez

One of Putnam Rotary’s scholarship winners for this year has already started classes at Marshall University, and the Hurricane High graduate expects to complete a nursing program at the school in three years.

Library director Megan Tarbett pledges community service with Rotary

Megan Tarbett took the oath of community service today and received her pin and certificate as a member of Putnam Rotary.

New 45 acre city park in development, mayor announces

Hurricane now enjoys the use of three parks, Mayor Scott Edwards told Putnam Rotary today. “We have the Hurricane City Park, we have Valley Park, and now we have Hurricane Bridge Park.”

Making sense of investing

Rotarians heard financial advisor Chris Ball talk about the ins and outs of financial investing at their weekly luncheon meeting today.

United Way leader Kimberly Riddle takes service pledge

Kimberly W. Riddle took the oath of community service through Putnam Rotary today. She is the first member to be inducted into the club this year by new president Cindy Farley.

District governor installs new Rotary officers, Cindy Farley as new President

District governor James Ferguson today installed new Rotary officers for Putnam Rotary for the coming year And Cindy Farley as new incoming 2018-19 president.

Jim Strawn on Riverbend, a new opportunity for children coming from foster care

“I’m a ‘yes’ man,” Jim Strawn told Putnam Rotarians during their luncheon meeting today. “I always try to find a way to say ‘yes’ before I say ‘no.'”

Cindy Farley is elected Rotary president for 2018-19

Putnam Rotary today elected new officers for 2018-19, with Cindy Farley leading the ticket as president-elect for the coming term.

Dr. Eric J. Tarr says Numbers grow when membership is ‘beneficial’

He is a candidate to represent the state’s 4th senatorial district in November, but he is also an entrepreneurial genius. Eric J. Tarr has had a hand in the creation of 20 sites in ten business operations in West Virginia.

Ryan Arrowood ‘Spiritual growth is the most important thing that we do’

Basketball is a passion for Ryan Arrowood, who is soon starting his fourth year as head coach at Teays Valley Christian School.

Camp Appalachia ‘Opportunity to fix a broken community’

“I have been working for the YMCA for the past ten years,” Jared Davis told Putnam Rotarians today. Davis also wears other hats as a youth pastor for Church at the Depot, and as a volunteer firefighter.

Rotary scholarship Zach Coleman completes second year in forensics at WVU, Checks in as Rotary scholarships winner with the club

Hurricane High graduate and two-time winner of Rotary scholarships, Zach Coleman is preparing to start his third year of studies this fall at West Virginia University.

Jeremy Smith Free help for addiction treatment and prevention

One morning in August 2016, a man arrived to gamble all day at a local casino. When his money was gone in the afternoon, he left a $25 chip to hold his place at a blackjack table. He robbed a bank then returned to gamble some more with a new stash.

Breaking chains of addiction while feeding with ‘sustainable agriculture’

St. Albans native Jason Quintrell was named President of Union Mission last year. It was an opportunity to serve a growing need through a hands-on ministry, he told Putnam Rotarians today.

Cathy L. Stark with Tri-County YMCA. The heart of your community

The development of the YMCA, with the leadership of Cathy Stark as Executive Director, has kept pace with the growth of Putnam County. And many will tell you that as “the heart of your community,” the Tri-County Y has attracted new families and businesses into the area.

Report from Fort Liberté, West Virginia offers helping hands for Haiti

Fort Liberté is a town of about 8,000 souls on the north coast of Haiti. a short walk from La Navidad, the site of the first European settlement in the New World.

How a bill becomes law, ‘herding cats’ in the Legislature

Del. Dianna Graves gave fellow Rotarians a refresher course today on legislative processes in West Virginia. The freshman delegate was appointed last fall to fill the vacancy in Delegate District 38 upon the resignation of Del. Nancy Foster.

Cancer Survivor offers help for childhood cancer victims

In 1974, Brett Wilson was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. “At that time,” Wilson told Putnam Rotarians today, “there was a 20 percent chance of children in the area overcoming the childhood cancer.

At Necco, ‘we build families’

“Drugs have taken over,” Jessica Harrison told Putnam Rotarians today. “Children are being pulled from their homes because of neglect and drug abuse. As a community, we have to step in.”

Foster care needs growing rapidly, no end seen

The need for foster care is mushrooming with no end in sight, Rachel Kinder told Putnam Rotarians today.
In the wake of the opioid epidemic, the demand for homes grew from 4,000 recently to 5,000 last summer and 6,300 now, she said. That number does not include children placed with grandparents or other relatives, she said.

Kanawha-Putnam health services update

Dr. Michael Brumage has been named Director of DHHR’s Office of Drug Control Policy. But since 2015, he has been Executive Director and Health Officer of the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department which provides administrative services for the Putnam Health Department.

Shorter hospital stays, changes in rehab services

Hospital stays are not as long as they were a few short years ago, Cindy Farley told Putnam Rotarians today. With changes in insurance and health care costs, “you don’t get to stay there very long anymore,” she said.

Tech consultant firm employing 300 in South Charleston

N3 (for Real. Revenue. Results.), a global technology-based sales and marketing firm, opened an office in South Charleston last August in the Regional Technology Park. Leslie Bates, Director of Talent Acquisition for N3, told Putnam Rotarians today she had already hired fifty new employees and expected to have 300 on board by the end of the year.

Todd A. Lovins on Tax tips for 2018

With major changes now in place in the federal tax code, accountant Todd Lovins is eager to move into his new office for
Ford & Sweeney on Teays Valley Road.

Todd Lovins introduced to Rotary

Todd A. Lovins was introduced to Putnam Rotary today by Assistant District Governor Tom Midkiff.
Lovins is a Tax Accountant for Ford & Sweeney, in Cross Lanes.

Main Street Beats Out Online Commerce, with Mary Zigmond

Mary Zigmond became the proud owner of The Gallery in Hurricane ten years ago. It’s been a rough fight against the growth of online retail business, she told Putnam Rotarians today.But with a marketing degree from West Virginia University, she set her goal early to own and operate her own boutique.

Cindy Skiles with Teays Physical Therapy

As founder and president of Teays Physical Therapy Center since 1990, Cindy Skiles is recognized as resident practitioner and health educator in a growing service in the area.

Physical therapy is expected to grow some 34 percent by 2024, Skiles told Putnam Rotarians during their weekly luncheon meeting today.

David Duncan with Buckskin Council of the Boy Scouts of America on the 24th World Scout Jamboree

In two years, West Virginia will take the international stage as the site of the 24th World Scout Jamboree at Summit Bechtel Reserve near Oak Hill.

Brian Bolyard with BridgeValley on AEP Foundation funds STEM program

BridgeValley Community & Technical College will support 2,200 students with a special grant from the AEP Foundation, Brian Bolyard told Putnam Rotarians today.

Margaret Ann O’Neal with United Way

“If we can make this a better place to live, people will come, people will build businesses here,” Margaret Ann O’Neal told Putnam Rotarians. “Families will live here, and you won’t have to travel halfway across the country to see your grandchildren.”

Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Bell Ringing

Rotarians were joined this year by the Chamber of Commerce Network of Women ringing bells for the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle at Kroger’s on Great Teays Boulevard.

Sarah DeGroff on Essential Oils and Natural Health

Sarah DeGroff believes that good health can be enhanced by natural oils independently tested for therapeutic properties.

Huntington’s Ronald McDonald House

At age three, Maggie was diagnosed with high-risk stage-four neuroblastoma which develops in certain types of nerve tissue, usually in children.

Dr. Meyer with Teays Valley Strings

Putnam Rotarians celebrated Thanksgiving early again this year with a special concert by the Teays Valley Strings. The visit of parents and students to the Rotary luncheon in November has become an annual event since 2012 . The strings group is conducted by retired music professor Dr. Frederick Meyer. Meyer organized the group in 2006, teaching cello and violin to Putnam children.

Sheriff Steve Deweese on Social Media Aid

Last month, the Putnam Sheriff’s office answered 1,310 calls for assistance, made 107 arrests (26 of them felony), investigated 93 auto crashes, and issued nine misdemeanor citations. And that’s just part of the work in October reported by Sheriff Steve Deweese on a Facebook page for his office.

On the front line with radio

“We all have our challenges,” Dotsy Klei told Putnam Rotary today. She has witnessed a multitude of changes in a short time with electronic media.

“We don’t have to stay up until 11:00 o’clock any more to watch the news. It’s on our phone. We don’t wait until 11:00 o’clock to learn the score. We can find it on line.

“Elections designated as critical infrastructure for national security”

“This Russian hacking situation is real,” Secretary Mac Warner told Putnam Rotarians today. “How serious is it? We don’t know yet. But something serious happened right before the election last year.

Applebees Pancake Breakfast

Putnam County Annual Pancake Breakfast!

Girl Scouts: Unleashing the ‘inner girl”

The Black Diamond Council of the Girl Scouts has grown in major indicators of overall well-being in the past seven years CEO Beth Casey announced today to Putnam Rotarians.

Children’s books for ‘character education’

In the ten years since he began publishing “attitude” books for youngsters, Chuck Stump has shared his ideas with thousands of children and adults. In the interest of standardized test scores and academic performance, schools may be neglecting the most important part of a solid education, he told Putnam Rotary today.

Charity at home and around the world – Terry Mathias

Visiting in the service club where he first took the pledge as a Rotarian, District Governor Terry Mathias talked with Putnam Rotarians today on ways to join in community service at home and around the world.

Keeping ahead with social media in the business world

A Poca basketball standout and Rotary “Most Valuable” award winner, Rudi Raynes Arrowood vaulted from Concord University into a marketing and media career.

New heating and cooling strategies boost efficiency, cut costs

Putnam Rotarians today heard Jerry Mullins advise on strategies for heating and cooling. “It’s not new technology,” he said. “It’s how we’re putting it together.