Keeping ahead with social media in the business world

by Sam Sentelle

Jarrod Dean and Rudi Raynes Arrowood

Keeping ahead with social media in the business world

Rudi Raynes Arrowood

September 5, 2017

A Poca basketball standout and Rotary “Most Valuable” award winnerRudi Raynes Arrowood vaulted from Concord University into a marketing and media career.

Known in the tri-state from her work at WCHS-TV and the popular “fugitive files” feature, she also worked with the Legislature for the Department of Agriculture and on public relations for local schools.

And along the way she has kept up-to-date on the rapid changes in social media.

“Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat — a few years ago we thought it was a younger-people thing. But it’s a necessity in today’s world,” she told her Rotary audience.

A year ago, Arrowood opened the KingMaker Marketing Agency in Winfield.

“We do a lot of creative work, a lot of graphic design, a lot of web sites, a lot of social media.

“We are always happy to help people with shooting commercials,” she said. “We write script; we do all of that. But the most successful service we see with everyone is social media.

“Social media is the hardest work,” she said. “It takes a lot of time to make it effective.

“It’s a much different dynamic than it was a few years ago. It changes every day.

“Mark Zukerberg [who started Facebook] is brilliant, but he is tough on your dollar. Facebook changes their algorithms weekly.

“What might have been effective before might not be as effective next week. The key words you once used may trigger a new algorithm on Facebook where it won’t reach as many people.

“And you’ve got to throw a little money; you’ve got to boost it so you can start reaching more people again.

“We don’t work on contract most of the time,” she added. “We work à la carte. We work in person.”

Arrowood can show the number of check ins to a web site, and the time each visitor stayed there. “If you’re paying for it, you’re going to see the results.

“And if you’re not satisfied, you’re not under contract and you can leave us: That’s how comfortable we are with the results we can offer to people.

“We do free consultations. If you can’t afford something, we’ll sit down and help you find a way to help your business.

“We have people that specialize in a lot of different things. Perhaps the traditional advertising outlets work. For some people, that’s a good avenue.

“But social media works for almost everyone, and you can target exactly whom you want. You can see how it’s performing.

“There’s no, ‘Well, I hope it works!.’ You see the number of people who watched your video.”

Arrowood claims a “passion” for Putnam County and Putnam businesses.

In fact, she has two business operations jn the area: Her Putnam Princess Parties is marking a third year of service in Putnam.

The “Triple P,” according to its web site, “has brought smiles to thousands of little ones by appearing at special events, schools and parties as real life princesses.”

But it fits well with the marketing business because events are easily promoted on Facebook pages — and because Arrowood herself has been active on stage with the Charleston Light Opera Guild.

The informal working climate enables both businesses to operate out of the same convenient location at 12464 Winfield Road.

“It’s an alternative location for our Princess Parties,” said Arrowood. “And our marketing staff likes working in an office where we have our own party room in the back.”

Jarrod Dean and Rudi Raynes Arrowood
Rotarian Jarrod Dean introduces speaker Rudi Raynes Arrowood.

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