Visiting Putnam County Rotary


Our Rotary club in Putnam County meets every Tuesday at Area 34, from 8AM-9AM. We welcome visiting Rotarians, scheduled guest speakers, and any and every curious individual wanting to visit and find out more about Rotary. If you’d like to become a guest speaker, please contact us first to pick an available date to come speak. We’re always vetting new individuals to speak at Rotary.

Meeting Information

Area 34

971 WV-34

Hurricane, WV 25526

Meeting Directions

Exit Teays Valley exit and Area 34 is right beside the hotel.

Meeting Time

8AM to 9AM

Morning Meetings

Parking is available.

There is a coffee house in are 34 where members and visitors can purchase drinks and food.

The Rotary Club of Putnam County begins each Tuesday lunch meeting with something that we call Happy Dollars. One of our members carries a basket from table to table, and members put in a dollar, or more, and share why they are happy. It’s a great way to learn more about each other and to share each other’s happiness.

We use the money as a donation to a service organization in our community. In the past, we’ve used Happy Dollars for Secret Santa, camp scholarships for Buckskin Council Boy Scouts, the Make a Wish Foundation, scholarships for YMCA Camp Hi Tor, Putnam County Library’s summer reading program, the Teays Valley Strings, the Gabriel Project and other worthwhile causes.

We request that you try your best to not play on your phone during the meeting. We understand that you are a busy individual and may need to step out for a call, and that’s perfectly okay. You are also free to take photos with the members or the guest speaker during or after the meeting is over. We request our members and guests to keep all devices on vibrate or silent so that full attention can be given to the speaker for the day, out of respect for that speaker taking the time to come and visit us.

For our speakers, we do have a microphone if needed, a projector, and multiple plugins. We usually have a few extra tables if you need them for displaying any items for your talk. You will need to bring your own laptop and cords if you want to use the projector. If you don’t have one, one of our members can bring one for you to use if need. Please make sure you let someone know ahead of time that you’ll need to borrow one if needed.

We recommend having at 10ft cord if you need a power cord or a monitor cord to connect your laptop to the projector.

We request that each speaker provide us with a short bio and a photo for our calendar before the meeting. We will use this bio to also introduce you on the day that you speak!

Each speaker will have around 30 minutes of speaking time.

We try to record each of our meetings and share them on our Facebook page. Feel free to like our facebook page and share your video with friends and co-workers! Often, the press will pick up our guest speaker for that week as a story from our news section of the website too.

We dress business casual for the meetings, as it’s made mostly up of business individuals.