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Local Rotary extends helping hand to Nepal

Putnam Rotarians had heard from Chuck Conner about the desperate poverty and lack of basic resources in Nepal. Conner had used his vacation time to travel to this distant place where women often walk a couple of miles for water, and twenty-five dollars will restore sight lost to cataracts caused by high-altitude exposure to sunlight.

The Putnam group wanted to lend a hand to the international project supported there by the Rotary Foundation and numerous churches and service clubs in the state.

Since Conner will leave in a couple of weeks for another tour of community service in the high Himalayas, Putnam Rotary sent Cheryl Rust today to present him with a check to support the ongoing project.

The gift will be used to purchase goats for a village in the rugged mountain region. A village committee, however, may decide to use the funds for cows, or chickens — or to drill a well for a safe and convenient water supply.

Rust also gave Putnam club banners to exchange with Rotary clubs in northern India and Nepal.

Other international projects funded in part by Putam Rotary have included books and materials for an orphanage in Uganda, and books for a school in New Zealand.

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