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Children’s books for ‘character education’

by Sam Sentelle

Chuck Stump Cheryl Rust

In the ten years since he began publishing “attitude” books for youngsters, Chuck Stump has shared his ideas with thousands of children and adults. In the interest of standardized test scores and academic performance, schools may be neglecting the most important part of a solid education, he told Putnam Rotary today.

George Six on DACDB Training

by Sam Sentelle

George Six looking at computer screen

A generation ago, civic service clubs met for meetings and fellowship at a convenient restaurant on main street. And they drew their membership from professionals within convenient walking distances.

But main streets have changed. Putnam Rotary today includes a core membership of rising professionals who transfer jobs frequently in their climb up the career ladder. They work in Huntington, in Charleston, and in offices scattered from Dunbar to Barboursville in between.