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Contact us with your ideas about what we can do to help YOU improve our community. If we like your ideas, we’ll take some action!

We would love to know more about your current cause. We are all about that sort of stuff! Keep in mind though that we would LOVE to be able to help with everyone’s cause, but we are a small club with a limited number of members. Rotary itself though is very large so there is always the option of reaching out to other clubs too.


Each event or cause that we may get involved in must be approved by the Rotary Board of Directors. If we are not able to help this year, we may be able to help next year.

Tell us who you are and about your cause.

Are you also interested in membership, and if so what kind?

Are you also looking to come speak to the club?

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Do you want to become part of something more than yourself? Make change? Click below to apply to become a member!

Are you thinking of becoming a Rotary member? Have you come to a meeting and liked what you’ve seen and want to do more? Are you ready to join a group of like-minded individuals who want to make a change to better Putnam County and put Service Above Self? Very good then…let us know that below. We’re always recruiting new members, young and seasoned. We always need more helping hands for events and projects. Maybe your company even would like to sponsor you as a member! Just fill out the form below and our club secretary will be in touch with you to get you the information you need to become a Rotary member. You can even pre-fill out the form yourself before you visit too.

What are the official requirements for membership?

The only mandatory qualifications for membership are that Rotarians must be adults who have demonstrated good character, integrity, and leadership; have a good reputation in their business, profession, and community; and are willing to make a positive difference in their community and around the world.

Have you been a member of Rotary before

What type of membership are you interested in?

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get event help

Do you need people for an event? If you’re hosting an event in Putnam County, we want to hear from you. We may be interested in helping!

When available, we like to get involved in events here in Putnam County. If we are able, we’d be honored to help you with your public event. Some Guidelines Though..

  1. Event must be a local Putnam County event. If it’s in another county, we can help you get in touch with a Rotary group in that county instead. We try our best to support our local community when possible.
  2. We prefer to be involved in public events, not private. It allows us to usually help more for the cause, as well as get more exposure for Rotary itself.
  3. We cannot get involved in political events.
  4. We cannot guarantee that we can help with your event as each request has to be approved by the board.
  5. Members have to be given enough time to be able to check their schedules and make time to attend the event to help volunteer. If we are given very short notice about an event, more than likely we will not be able to help. Most of our members have careers and family and need to be able to plan ahead to be part of Rotary events/other events.

Have we helped with this event in the past?

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be our guest

Would you like to visit us and let us know more about you and your cause? If your up to the challenge, submit your info below.

We have a guest speaker, 3 times a month! We always need spots filled for guests. If you feel you’d like to let us get to know more about you, your business or your cause then please reach out to us here and lets set a date! You can view available dates on this calendar here. We meet every Tuesday at 12pm at the First state bank in Hurricane WV. ¬†

Are you a current member of Rotary?

Are you interested in membership?

We will be in touch as soon as we can to confirm your speaking date!

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Are you also interested in membership, and if so what kind?

Are you looking to come speak to the club?

We want to hear from you

We view ourselves as relational. If you prefer to talk to a real live person, please pick up the phone and give us a call.

Have any questions?

If you can’t find your answers about our club on the website, please feel free to contact us by visiting a meeting, or giving us a call.

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