Jerry Mullins
"We promote a high efficiency filter like this one . . ."
Jerry L. Mullins, President, AirXperts

Jerry Mullins
Air cleaning systems promote healthy environments

September 12, 2017

Pollution of air in the home is two to five times higher -- sometimes more than 100 times -- than outside air Jerry Mullins told Putnam Rotarians during their weekly luncheon meeting today.

Poor air quality increases the risk of numerous respiratory diseases and breathing problems.

The body filters out airborne pollutants larger than three microns in diameter. A dime is about 1270 microns in thickness, Mullins said today.

Most of the contaminants circulating in a home, about 99 percent of them, are less than a micron in size. These are circulated through the ductwork of a heating and air conditioning system. They can be readily inhaled and cause serious health problems.

"Your central heating and cooling is one of the best things to improve the air quality in hour home," he added.

"I always recommend leaving the fan on constantly. It circulates the air, and it's filtering the air twenty-four/seven.

"We promote a high-efficiency filter about five inches think," he said showing a sample to the group.

"This one is made by Skuttle Manufacturing in Marietta, Ohio."

The Skuttle filter catches particles down to one-tenth of a micron in size.

"This is called in-depth loading," said Mullins, indicating the pleats in the surface of the filter. "As the filter gets dirty, the air can still get through it because of the depth." "It's really important," said Mullins, "not only to have your filters sized properly, but to change them on a regular basis.

"Heat and air conditioning is really important, not only for your health, but so you can do what you need to do without worrying about being too hot or too cold.

"If your home or commercial building is not comfortable," said Mullins, "then it's a fancy barn."

As the president of AirXperts heating/cooling in Hurricane, Mullins checks the equipment and CFM (cubic feet per minute) air flow needed for each room in a building.

"We work closely with the power company in replacement situations," he said.

"I'm set up with them so that our customers can get a rebate which can range from $200 up to $1,200 depending on the size and efficiency of the equipment.

"We use air source and ground source heat technology. Ground source circulates the refrigerant underground through a copper coil. That extracts heat in the winter and rejects it in the summer.

"We also have a solar panel that the refrigerant runs through and that makes the compressor about 30 percent more efficient. It's using air source, ground and solar all in one.

"Radiant tube heat powered by natural gas or propane is a good choice for commercial high-bay buildings. You're not blowing air around; it's like the sun: The sun doesn't heat the air when it comes down. The heat is released when it hits the earth.

"That's what happens with radiant tube heat It'll heat the floor first, and then the air is heated when it comes in contact with the floor. It heats from the floor up.

"It's much more comfortable as well as energy efficient. In a warehouse where they have been heating with forced air blower unit heaters, radiant tube heat can cut energy consumption by at least 50 percent."


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