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Speaker Larry "Speedy" Bevins with associate Sarah Eggleton
Larry 'Speedy' Bevins
Protecting what matters most

July 25, 2017

In his experience as an Allstate agent in Hurricane, Larry "Speedy" Bevins told Putnam Rotary today that two things are known to policy holders: First, they know they've got to have coverage; and, second, they know it costs too much.

"Beyond that," he said, "the level of knowledge before you or on the phone often ebbs and flows depending on who they are.

"So what we do in our office, we try to educate our policy holders about what they have, what they don't have, and what you could and should have, so that when there is a claim there is not as so much of the weeping and gnashing of teeth.

"All of you have auto insurance. Most of you have homeowners? A few of you have life insurance. What do you know about it? How much do you know about it?"

Bevins gave a "pop quiz" on responses to a variety of circumstances:

(1) A homeowner's policy includes coverage for water and sewer backup damage. After a torrential rain, the house is flooded. There is no coverage, said Bevins. While flood insurance may be purchased, the typical homeowner's policy does not cover flood damage.

(2) Water damage is caused by a hose break on a washing machine. Homeowner coverage will pay for carpeting, flooring, and any damage to contents.

(3) A person with life insurance commits suicide. Can his estate collect? Yes, said Bevins, if the policy has been in place for two years or longer.

(4) A client with life insurance learns that he has a terminal illness. The money is needed now for terminal care. The policy will provide up to 80 percent of its value in accelerated death benefits, said Bevins.

After 40 years in radio news and station management in southern West Virginia, Bevins has relocated to Teays Valley as an agent for Allstate Insurance, a spot where he can offer assistance in protection needs and planning. His office is at 2939 Virginia Aveneue, Suite 2000. Phone: (304) 397-4455. Allstate

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