New officers named
Midkiff / Hall / Rust / Adkins / Crigger
Rotarians pictured (left to right) are Tim Midkiff (Co-Assistant District Governor), Walter Hall (retiring Assistant District Governor), Cheryl Rust (Co-Assistant District Governor), Cyndee Adkins (Putnam Rotary President) and Cindy Crigger (Barboursville Rotary).
Adkins / Rust
Cyndee Adkins (left) becomes Rotary president for 2017-18 as Cheryl Rust affixes the official pin of office.
Cyndee Adkins installed as Rotary president for 2017-18

June 27, 2017

Cindy Adkins took the reins of office in hand while Putnam Rotarians today welcomed her with a standing ovation as club president for 2017-18.

Adkins was formally elevated to the post by Assistant District Governor Walter Hall in his final act as ADG. Hall will retire from that post after serving four years.

Taking his place are Putnam Rotarians Tom Midkiff and Cheryl Rust. "It takes two people to replace Walter," Midkiff commented.

"Rotary is the opportunity of a lifetime to change the world for the better," said Hall.

"You, Cyndee, the incoming president, have an opportunity to make great changes in this club.

"Looking ahead, we're going to see the greatest year in our history. That year sees the last case of polio. We're on the verge of ending the guinea worm disease with clean water filtering systems throughout the world.

"We want to leverage that success into more partnerships, greater growth, and more ambitious service in the decades to come and in the communities that you serve.

"It's an opportunity to grow," he said. "It's an opportunity to change.

"We need clubs more willing to be flexible with service more attractive to our younger members, to our retirees -- and for all.

"You don't have to meet once a week. You can meet twice a month now." he said.

"You don't meet at noon on Thursday. Meet Friday afternoon at FireSide Grille, for breakfast at Bob Evans or Panera Bread on Monday or Tuesday morning.

"Be creative. We need more willing hands. We need more caring hands. We need bright minds to move our club forward."

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