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Thai Tuk-Tuk

Rotary tuk-tuk in Thailand

March 2017

This photo is provided by Putnam Rotarian Bonnie M. Prisk, Regional Director for Marshall University in Teays Valley. Linda McKee, an assistant working with Prisk, has a daughter, Corrie McKee, who teaches English as a second language in China.

Corrie recently attended a training session in Chiang Mai, a city in northern Thailand, and sent Linda this photo showing a Rotary wheel on the back side of a tuk-tuk.

The tuk-tuk vehicle is a three-wheel motorized rickshaw in wide use to ease traffic congestion in several Asian countries. About 20,000 are registered for taxi service in Thailand.

The popular Thai name for the car mimics the sound of a small two-cycle engine.

Perhaps tuk-tuks might help ease the congestion on Teays Valley Road and, at the same time, give more visibility to Putnam Rotary.

Then, again -- perhaps not.