Kattie Dailey
Kelli S. Dailey
CVB Executive Director
Kelli Steele Dailey
CVB making Putnam a 'destination'

January 31, 2017

In her two months as Executive Director of the Putnam County Convention & Visitors Bureau, Kelli Dailey has brought together a full schedule of local activities of broad interest.

She intends to make the area a "destination," Dailey told Putnam Rotarians today.

On an interstate highway between two of the largest cities in the state, she said, the region offers a wealth of recreational activities and other amenities within easy reach for visitors.

While most of these attractions have been in place for some time, the County Commission and the Chamber of Commerce are working through the CVB to spread the news.

Tourism, the fourth largest business in the state, attracts business investment, and promotes economic development.

A recent survey by Longwoods International, a marketing consulting firm, reported a return in tax receipts of $14 for every dollar spent to encourage visitors to West Virginia.

Putnam Rotarian Oshel Craigo paraphrased a folk wisdom saying, "Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise."

In a six-month Calendar of Events for the Putnam community Dailey listed some twenty-two local happenings of regional and national interest.

These included no less than three art shows: "Outside the Walls," PipeSounds concerts on the world's largest digital symphonic organ, and a "Quilt Shop Hop."

Recreational programs include three golf tournaments, three marathon walk/runs, and even a "Fishing Derby."

For area restaurants, a "Tastes and Talents" month with artists, artisans and musicians is planned for March.

Barthelmess / Tarbett Rotary guests today included Angie Barthelmess (left) and Megan Tarbett. Barthelmess is Community Liaison for the Convention & Visitors Bureau; Tarbett is Director of the Putnam Library System.

At least four events of special interest are in the works for children. A scholarship will be awarded for students in the "Outside the Walls" art exhibits.

Then there are events such as the annual Putnam Fair, Putnam Homecoming, and Heritage Day parades.

In addition there are celebrations such as "Run for the Wall," "Civil War Days," Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

Even local residents have been surprised to learn about Stand-Up Paddleboarding, a business operating from Scott Depot which offers half-day and day-long tours of all navigable waterways in central and southern West Virginia

They "meet you with all the gear needed to get you on the water anytime and anywhere you choose," according to the SUP web site. Rentals include boards with camera mounts and, for fishermen, boards with a swivel rod holder.

In the Valley Park, a 30,000 square foot community center will be open for conventions and business meetings in the months ahead. "The Chamber of Commerce will be able to hold its annual dinner without leaving the county," Parks Director Jarrod Dean said recently.

On the CVB web site, Kelli Dailey has a listing of Putnam public events for at least the next two years.

The Convention & Visitors Bureau is supported by an occupancy tax paid by hotels to promote tourism.

Other promotional initiatives are active in the area. "We work together," said Dailey. "What's good for each of us is good for Putnam County."

The Putnam County CVB is housed temporarily in Area 34, the new Chamber of Commerce building across from the Main Library, north of the Teays exit 39 on Interstate 64.

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