Rotarians / Poca Interactors help with Christmas Dinner distribution

December 19, 2015

The Poca High School Interact Club joined Putnam Rotarians this morning to help the Five Loaves Two Fist food pantry distribute Christmas dinners this morning at the Poca United Methodist Church.

5 Loaves 2 Fish
Five Loaves Two Fish
Poca United Methodist Church
Food Pantry 01 Ready at the Food Pantry (left to right) are David Allen, Sarah Balderson, Charles Mendenhall, Bob Alexander, Emma Courtney, Kirsten Courtney, Ron Foster, Johnnie Pat Brown, Nancy Foster, Angie Gatens, Debbie Gillispie, Bailey Gatens, Marilyn Pemberton, Emily Reed, Brooke Godish, Sharon Bowles, and Joann Hines.
Food Pantry 02 Bob Alexander, Sarah Balderson and David Allen Food Pantry 03 David Allen, Bob Alexander, Drema Ward (holding a donation from Putnam Rotary), Chuck Nuckles, Emily Reed, Savannah Reed and Marilyn Pemberton Food Pantry 04
Drema Ward (left) opens with prayer before food is distributed.

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