Caplina Rotary in Peru receives Putnam banner

June 6, 2015

Linda Marsh Foster, a nurse at Morgantown's Ruby Memorial Hospital, is off again on a mission trip with Interplast WV, a team which offers reconstructive surgery where medical access is limited or unavailable.

The team once again is providing services this spring in Tecna, Peru, with support by the local Caplina Rotarian group.

The Tecna club recently honored the visitors with a dinner of tribute and appreciation for their care of children with cleft lip, cleft palate, burns and other congenital malformations.

A long-standing custom among the 34,000 clubs of Rotary International is the exchange of local banners on visits.

During the dinner, Nurse Linda presented the Caplina club president with a banner from Putnam Rotarians who had provided a grant for the mission.

The Interplast WV mission is providing medical services on this trip to over 200 people in the southern part of the country.

Dr. David Fogarty, team leader, said that missions over 30 years "have returned the smiles to 1,500 children" with a gift of reconstructive surgery.

Nurse Linda Foster is the sister of Putnam Rotarian Jeanie Nibert.

Caplina Rotary Club
ABOVE: Linda Foster (right front) with members of Tecna's Caplina Rotary Club.

RIGHT: President Oscar receives a Putnam banner from Nurse Foster.

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Linda Marsh
Nurse Foster shows exchange banner from Putnam Rotary.