Craigo and Alexander
Rotarian Oshel Craigo (left) receives Paul Harris award from Dr. Robert Alexander.

Oshel Craigo
Putnam charter member honored by Rotary

January 13, 2015

Rotarian Oshel Craigo today received his second citation today as a Paul Harris Fellow, an honor by Rotary International for support of its philanthropic Foundation which has been in place since 1917.

The Putnam Club counts seventy Paul Harris awards for thirty-nine members and friends since its chartering in 1995.

From its first donation of $26.50, the Rotary Foundation has received donations to date of more than $1 billion. The Foundation is one of the largest international fellowship Programs in the world.

The Paul Harris recognition was presented to Craigo by Dr. Robert P. Alexander, a Dean Emeritus of Marshall University.

In accepting the honor, Craigo said, "I'm one of about four people -- we didn't grow up in Putnam County -- we grew up with Putnam County.

The Best Diner In Every State
Business Insider
Dec. 15, 2014 Tudor's WEST VIRGINIA: Tudor's Biscuit World

Okay, so maybe Tudor's Biscuit World isn't "technically" a diner - but it seems wrong to pick any other restaurant or franchise that serves breakfast. A Tudor's biscuit sandwich, piled high with bacon, egg, cheese, and a hash brown patty, is as central to West Virginia as any other state symbol.

"When I landed here, there were no homes; this was all a field. We were situated between Charleston and Huntington."

With the coming of the interstate highway, people began building homes in Teays Valley. Then came Putnam General Hospital -- now CAMC Teays Valley --and water and septic system infrastructure.

And while Sen. Jay Rockefeller played a major role in bringing Toyota to West Virginia, "they located in Putnam because of a 16" water line. Our goal was to have a 16" water line on both sides of the river." The change has opened much of the area, especially on the north side of the Kanawha River, to residential development.

Craigo also helped bring major improvements to the schools, library system and highways in the county, a four-lane in the Putnam section of US Route 35, and a third lane to State Route 34 in Teays Valley.

As owner/CEO of Better Foods, Inc., of Nitro, his Tudor's Biscuit World restaurants were recently tagged as "best diner in West Virginia" by Business Insider, Craigo said he now operates the franchise in 27 counties at 122 locations. Five new restaurants are presently under construction.

He has numerous requests for additional franchises. "Now, the whole world wants to invest money," he said. "They want to open up a store and pick up the money, but they don't want to open a store at five o'clock in the morning."

While managing his restaurant franchises, Craigo served several terms in the West Virginia Legislature. As a state senator, he was Chair of Senate Finance. He presently is on the Board of Governors for Marshall University.

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