Dianna Casto
Dianna Casto
Steve Patrick
Steve Patrick
Jon Miller
Jon Miller
Mark Madore
Mark Madore
Dianna K. Casto
'Why we click the way we click'

September 2, 2014

Rotary has designated September as "New Generations" month -- a time for professional leadership growth among young people. And Dianna Casto today led club members through a unique introspection of "why we click the way we click," and the ways in which people had been shaped by others.

One Sunday over fifty years ago, Casto remembers walking to church with her grandfather. He spoke to the nine-year-old about the creation story in the Bible. "if God had not made his creation in this order," he told his granddaughter, "there would have been total chaos.

"And God expects you to be organized in your life."

Casto decided at that moment to "organize" her life. And that sense of order guided her through a successful and extended banking career.

Steve Patrick is President of Reliant Drug Test Solutions in Teays Valley. But early in his professional life he worked for a jeweler.

His boss once asked him to undertake a tedious task cleaning and arranging a display. "We've got this wall of watches," he said. "I want you to take them out and clean them."

Patrick took the watches out, cleaned them, put them back and dusted the shelves.

The boss walked up. "He took his hand and swiped the entire display onto the floor.

"He said, 'Did I tell you to put them back? OK. Now, you can put them back.'"

Since that time, Patrick determined that he would never, ever, treat people the way the manager of the jewelry store treated his employees.

"I always let people know what a good job they have done. I let them know how valued they are. And, the job that they do, if it isn't done well, it's my fault -- because I didn't explain it well."

Jonathan Miller learned hard work from his father. "If it's broke, we can fix it," he said. "If it seems impossible, it'll take a little bit longer."

A church minister reinforced Miller's work ethic. "If it seems impossible, it just takes a little bit longer. And if it's broken, it can be fixed."

Jon is marketing representative of SERVPRO of Teays Valley, a fire and water damage restoration service for Putnam County and surrounding areas.

Mark Madore, of Family First Realty, told Rotarians that his father taught him by "how he lives his life."

Through an experience on a hunting trip, Madore's father taught him patience and persistence.

"And he's really a good shot," Madore added.

On a fishing trip with his father, Madore told a friend how to cast a line. "This is the way my father does it," he said. "It's the best way."

But his father corrected him. "'That's the way I do it -- and it works,' he said. 'That doesn't necessarily mean it's the best way.'"

At age 84, the father continues to "teach life's lessons by which I live and by which I run my business life."

Madore told his audience. "I do things really well," he said. "But I always respect that the agents who work for me may find ways that work better for them."

A recent scholarship winner had told the club that she set her life goals by the example of Rotarian Jeannie Nibert. "You never know who is watching your example," Dianna Casto said.

"I can remember," she said, "when we learned that Chet Marshall would be leaving us." (Marshall had carried out Rotary tasks from a hospital bed in Houston's MD Anderson Center. He died in February, 2013.)

"I said to him, 'Chet! Who is going to be my mentor when you are gone?'

"And he turned to me and said, 'Dianna, it's your turn now.'"

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