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Safe water provided for Ugandan orphanage

July 8, 2013

In the spring of 2005, Putnam's own author, lecturer and business consultant Chet Marshall reported to the Rotary club on a leadership summit in the east African republic of Uganda.

Marshall called at that time for a partnership project to supply books for a school/orphanage near Entebbe, and he pledged to match all funding from the local club.

Over the years, Putnam Rotarians answered the challenge with a series of partnership grants which provided shelter, food and cash for the Divine Secondary School near Entebbe. Rotarian Jeff Kayongo coordinated the projects on site.

Putnam joined with Vandalia Rotary and Poca Baptist Church to install a 10,000-liter (2,650-gallon) water tank at the school.

Marshall, affectionately known as "Papa Chet," died several months ago, but his legacy of international aid continues.

Steve Patrick held the winning ticket this year in the Rotary Annual Charity Raffle, and he donated the grand prize to "Papa Chet's favorite charity."

Ironically, Marshall initiated the raffle five years ago, and made his last appearance before the club in January to promote its most recent edition.

Kayongo / Casto
Putnam's Dianna Casto visits the Uganda orphanage with Entebbe Rotary's Jeff Kayongo.

Patrick's win and donation made a problem for the club however: Which of the several charities supported by Papa Chet was, in fact, his favorite?

Jeff Kayongo, now president of Entebbe Rotary, had a suggestion: Why not join an international effort with London's Westminster West Rotary and Jeff's group in a "safe water" project for the SOS Children's Village in Uganda?

Papa Chet had visited the site in his African travels, Kayonga said, and surely would have favored the idea.

Putnam Rotarians accepted the invitation to help provide potable water to the SOS Children's Village and its attached medical center.

Two 10,000-liter tanks were purchased for the orphanage and medical center by Entebbe Rotary and the Wesminster West club. Putnam Rotary purchased the filtering equipment, gutters, downspouts and plumbing fixtures for the project.

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