Paul Harris Fellows
Paul Harris Fellows
Paul Harris Fellows honored today in Putnam Rotary include (left to right) Robert A. Keely, Christina M. McComas, Mary E. Keely, Dr. Sam Sentelle, Wanda E. Robertson, George D. Six, Marilyn Pemberton, Cheryl A. Rust, and Scott Edwards. Honorees not shown are Kenneth Higginbotham, Chet R. Marshall, Dr. Melissa L. Pratt, and David L. Williams.

Clean water grant
District Governor Ernie Hays receives a grant for the guinea worm clean water project from Putnam president Christina McComas.
District Governor honors 13 Rotarians for benevolent support

January 8, 2013

Thirteen members of Putnam Rotary were recognized today by District Governor Ernie Hays as Paul Harris Fellows for charitable contributions by themselves or in their behalf to the Rotary Foundation.

From a gift of $26.50 in 1917, the Foundation has grown has grown to $55 million today. Each Paul Harris award, named for Rotary's first president, represents a gift of $1,000 or more to the Foundation.

Hays, who is governor for 28 clubs in RI District 7550 in southern West Virginia, noted that the Foundation is the means through which Rotary supports benevolent projects around the world.

"Our motto is 'Service Above Self,'" said Hays, "and our contributions through the Foundation help improve living conditions, increase food projection, provide better education, clean water and health care."

Hays commended the club for its level of support. "Over 43 percent of your current members are Paul Harris Fellows," he said, "several for multiple contributions."

He commended the practice in the Putnam Club of giving to the Foundation on birthdays and anniversaries.

Governor Hays, during an earlier visit to the Putnam Club, had announced a district project to wipe out the guinea worm in Africa's Sudan. The club today presented Hays with a special grant to help eliminate the parasite and provide clean, safe water.

Local Rotarians honored with Paul Harris awards included Scott Edwards, Kenneth Higginbotham, Mary E. Keely, Robert A. Keely,Chet R. Marshall, Christina M. McComas, Marilyn Pemberton, Dr. Melissa L. Pratt, Wanda E. Robertson, Cheryl A. Rust, Dr. Sam Sentelle, George D. Six, and David L. Williams.

Chet Marshall is a PH Fellow Plus Six, which represents seven contributions of $1,000 or more to the Rotary Foundation.

Scott Edwards and spouse
Danielle Edwards was the guest of her spouse Rotarian Scott Edwards.
Jeff and Tine McComas
Jeffrey McComas was the guest of his spouse Rotarian Christina McComas. Guests of Rotarian Dr. Melissa Pratt who avoided the camera were her spouse Thom Pratt, and office staff members Wendy Hicks, Brenda Kraft, Beverly Miller and Jonathan Secrest. Other guests included Beth Hays, spouse of the District Governor, and Emily Rice, a 2012 Rotary scholarship winner.

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