Ken Higginbotham
Ken Higginbotham receives Rotary pin from business partner Chet Marshall.

Corporate Member

Ken Higginbotham inducted into Rotary

August 7, 2012

Kenny Higginbotham, president of Aluminum Metalworks (3100 Maccorkle Avenue SW, South Charleston) and long-time Putnam educator, was inducted into Rotary today under the new corporate membership program.

Higginbotham served as a Putnam teacher and later as a principal of Hurricane High School. The last series of bond building projects in the county were completed during his tour as Superintendent of Schools in Putnam.

A native of Red House, Ken counts among his influential teachers at George Washington Elementary School both Elizabeth Moore Sovine (wife of another county superintendent) and Joanna Parkins Craigo (later a Putnam principal at Poca Elementary and West Teays, and wife of former Sen. Oshel Craigo).

Higginbotham and spouse Jan are at home in Hurricane where they attend the First Baptist Church.

He was sponsored for Rotary membership by business partner Chet Marshall.

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