Gibbs and Keely
Glen Gibbs (left) receives award from Bob Keely.

Awards and Recognitions
Glen R. Gibbs named

June 19, 2012

Glen R. Gibbs was named today as Rotarian-of-the-Year by club president Bob Keely.

The award came as a surprise to Gibbs, but to no one else in the club. Retired and living in Nitro, Gibbs became active in club projects weeks before he officially took the Rotary service pledge nearly three years ago.

Gibbs set up a woodworking shop as a retirement activity, and a week after his formal induction he presented to the club a speakers' podium. Fashiioned from oak panels and complete with electrical connections and a special platform for the traditional Rotary bell, the stand has followed the club as it changed meeting sites.

Six months later, Gibbs was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow for his support of the Rotary International Foundation.

The luncheon meeting today was a valedictory for Keely, who will step down from his presidential responsibilities at the end of the month.

He noted the members which had been added to the membership rolls in the past year, and the new corporate member project.

"The club president has two duties," Keely told the group. "One is to preside at meetings, and the other is to resolve any complaints.

"Other than that," he said, "it's really the board of directors and the committee chairs that make the club work."

Keely recognized individual Rotarians for their contributions:

  • Dianna Casto, Mary Keely and Chet Marshall were Paul Harris Fellows for giving to the Rotary Foundation. This represents the second PHF recognition for Casto, the third for Mry Keely and the sixth for Marshall.

    Presidential citations and gifts were presented to several members:

  • Elaine Rader for arranging programs through monthly coordinators;
  • Christina McComas for coordination of special community projects;
  • Bonnie Prisk, for work on scholarship grants;
  • Chet Marshall, for fund-raising projects and planning;
  • Chuck Nuckles, for the corporate membership program and new member orientation;
  • Denise Springer, for service as Sergeant-at-Arms;
  • Dianna Casto, for support of the Rotary Foundation;
  • Jack Bailey, as recording secretary and president-nominee;
  • Marilyn Pemberton, for the "most hours of service";
  • Sam Sentelle, for public relations;
  • Mike Herron, as past club president;
  • Leslee Shaffer, for best new member;
  • Tom Midkiff, for oversight of the Poca Interact Club; and
  • Don Broyles, the "Always There" award for being "always there -- except when he's on the golf course".

    Dianna Casto, Mary Keely
    Dianna Casto (left) and Mary Keely: "Paul Harris Fellows -- again!"

    Rader, Bob Keely

    Elaine Rader and Bob Keely: "Weekly luncheon programs"

    Mike Herron

    Mike Herron: "A minute hand for his clock which has only an hour hand" (As President, Herron often allowed meetings to run over.)

    Leslee Shaffer

    Leslee Shaffer: "Best new member"

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    Pemberton, Keely
    Marilyn Pemberton and Bob Keely: "Most hours of service"

    Tom Midkiff, Bob Keely

    Tom Midkiff and Bob Keely: "Poca Interact"

    Jack Bailey

    Jack Bailey: "Big pencil with a BIG eraser"

    Tina McComas

    Tina McComas: "A microphone for the incoming president"