Bob Keely
Bob Keely -- up front for 2011-12
Robert A. Keely
Plans, directions set for new year
of community service

July 5, 2011

With a bit of firepower left over from Independence Day fireworks the evening before, Bob Keely stepped to the Rotary podium today with plans, suggestions and directions for the year ahead.

Nothing less was expected from the new club president in his inaugural meeting than the thorough organization which he had so ably demonstrated seven years ago.

That is when he and spouse Mary Keely took on the task of coordinating a team to develop a strategic and tactical plan for the RI District 7550 which covers southern West Virginia.

The working groups today had been primed and prepared as the new man in charge called on them in turn to review their respective areas of responsibility for the new year beginning this month.


Charles "Chuck" Nuckels, Jr., (City National Bank) called on the club as a committee of the whole to spread the word on opportunities for community service through Rotary. "We not only want new members, but we want to keep current members engaged," he said.

Orientation of members is an important part of the plan. "We have had people here two or three years who say, 'I didn't know this was part of Rotary. I just now learned it.'"


Monthly themes for speakers will be followed this year, Elaine Rader (Aetna Insurance) told the group. Program coordinators have already volunteered for several of the months ahead.

Rotary Foundation

"Every Rotarian Every Year" has been a consistent theme for the local club, but several members told Dianna Casto (City Holding) they were not familiar with the program. "You are going to learn," she responded. Simply put, every Rotarian has an opportunity to support the Rotary Foundation, and the donation, up to a limit, is matched by the club. Foundation funds in turn are matched on certain projects -- Polio eradication, for example.

Chuck Nuckles
Chuck Nuckles -- Membership


Dianna Casto -- Rotary Foundation


Chet Marshall -- Fund Raising

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Elaine Rader -- Programs


Bonnie Prisk -- Scholarships


Bonnie Prisk (Marshall University) expects to double the number of scholarships offered by the club. The financial assistance is offered to students who demonstrate special hardship circumstances."We want to help students who are qualified to go to college, but cannot afford it," said Prisk..

There were twenty-one applications this year for the coveted awards.

At Christmas, gift cards are sometimes offered to scholarship recipients by individual club members.

Fund Raising

The primary activities for raising charitable funds are the annual Golf Tournament and the Rotary Raffle. "We're well on our way," said Chet Marshall. "Raising money is fun," he said, "and all the things we want to do, they cost money.

"Orders this year for the Poinsettia Sale will be taken beginning October 11th."

A pancake breakfast at Applebee's is scheduled for October 29th for Polio Plus.

[Click HERE for a copy of the fund raising report for 2011-12. (PDF file)]