Christina M. McComas
Hurricane postmaster named 'Paul Harris Fellow'

Broyles & McComas
Don Broyles recognizes Christina McComas as a "Paul Harris Fellow".

June 29, 2010

In a surprise announcement today, Tina McComas joind the elite ranks of "Paul Harris FRellows," Rotarians who have supported the RI Foundation with gifts of $1,000 or more.

The recognition was unexpected as her election came through gifts in her name from Chet Marshall and the local club.

Marshall made the gift in recognition of the outstanding service McComas has given during the past year.

Active in club project for several weeks before her formal induction in July 2008, the Hurricane postmaster has advocated a "hands-on" approach to community work. "It's easy to throw money at community service needs," she has said, "but the real reward comes from 'hands-on' time and labor of direct personal involvement."

And McComas has backed her words by personal example, despite the rigors of a new job, the death of her mother, and wedding bells for her and spouse Jeffrey.

McComas was presented with the official Paul Harris medallion, lapel pin and certificate during the weekly luncheon meeting by Don C. Broyles, charter member of Putnam Rotary and member of the District Team for the Rotary Foundation.

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