Chet Marshall

Chet R. Marshall
Retiring leader vows continuing service

June 29, 2010

Despite debilitating health problems that often necessitated his absence, outgoing president of Putnam Rotary Chet R. Marshall, said success of the club during his year at the helm came from the active involvement of members willing to step up and take responsibility," he said. "In spite of my problems, this club did not skip a beat.

"But, I am not quitting," he assured the group in his last meeting as presiding officer. "I have Rotary blocked out on my personal calendar for at least the next three years," he assured the group.

"I challenge anyone to work harder in the coming year than I plan to work," he said.

Marshall recognized several members of the club --- some multiple times -- with certificates of appreciation, and a special Paul Harris Fellow award to president-nominee Christine McComas.

Special recognitions included the following:

When Marshall entered upon his presidential duties a year ago, he gave a personal "pledge of service" card for every club member to carry.

He offered $100 bill today to anyone who might be carrying that pledge card. Amid a chorus of groans and pleas to make the same offer at the next meeting, Marshall himself pulled out his own copy of the pledge card. In his final act as club president he claimed the prize for himself and promptly donated it to the club "happy dollar" fund.

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