'No excuse,' says Marshall
Heavy snow
"Sure, your garage door may be frozen," says Marshall. "Deal with it!"

January 12, 2010

Rotary President Chet Marshall really doesn't have too much sympathy with the Nervous Nellies and Weak Willies who complain about the cold weather and use inclement conditions as an excuse for missing weekly meetings of Putnam Rotary (noon, every Tuesday at Scarlet Oaks).

"Sure, it makes things a bit more difficult," said Marshall.

"We even had to deal with a garage door that was frozen shut," he said.

"But, what the hey!" he laughed. "Vickie got out early; shovled the light accumulation of snow away, " he said.

"She ran a heating coil under the garage door, and, hey!, in an hour or so I was all set to get to the Rotary fellowship luncheon (Tuesday, noon, at Scarlet Oaks).

"We can't accept the whining about the fallen trees, downed power lines and ice as an excuse for missing the weekly meeting!" he said.

Marshall is an author, business consultant and motivational speaker who travels internationally from his base in Scott Depot -- rain or shine.

By the way, Putnam Rotary meets every Tuesday at noon at Scarlet Oaks Country Club.

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