'Filled my pants,' says Marshall
Mike Herron
Mike Herron is recognized as Rotary "Paul Harris Fellow" by District Governor-Elect Mary Keely and President Chet Marshall.

Jacob Hill
Jacob Hill reports on freshman year at WVU.

Tammy Meiners
Tammy Meiners leads activities.
Mike Herron named 'Paul Harris Fellow'

December 22, 2009

"He filled my pants," Rotary President Chet Marshall said today of President-Elect Mike Herron.

"I can't say that he wears my hat, because I don't wear a hat," Marshall explained, "and my feet are so small that I can't say he fills my shoes."

And if that calls for a bit more explanation, it goes like this: Although Marshall is president of the club, Mike Herron has been the presiding official while Chet undertook a series of treatments at the University of Texas MD Anderson Center in Houston.

Never one to ignore a service rendered, Marshall had recently presented Herron a pair of his "presidential pants."

Herron wore the official pants to the Rotary Christmas party today and unexpectedly found himself recognized as a "Paul Harris Fellow," a top honor for service through Rotary.

The PHF award represents a gift of $1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund of Rotary International. A major portion the gift for Herron's award was made by Marshall, and the local club contributed matching amounts for the total.

Herron is President of the Advantage Valley regional partnership.

Still infused with holiday spirit and boosted by medical reports of remission, Marshall provided a special "cheesecake dessert" for the meeting attendees, and gave out M&M candy canes (M&M for "multiple myleloma" which he has been battling).

Putnam Rotary also heard today from Jacob Daniel Hill, a Winfield graduate now attending West Virginia University and assisted by a Rotary scholarship. The young engineering student commented on the scope of the transition to university life, but denied that he had contributed to the school's "party" reputation.

The club presented Hill with gift cards and the day's collection of "happy dollars" from members.

Tammy Meiners, a senior administrator with AEP's John Amos Power Plant, led the group in several holiday activities including Christmas "Joy Bingo," and prizes for recall of the gifts in the traditional song, "12 Days of Christmas."

Finally, and also in the holiday spirit, the club donated groceries to the Christian Community Cupboard in Hurricane. Future donations will go to other food pantries in the area.

By the way, Putnam Rotary in fourteen years since its chartering has named 25 Paul Harris Fellows, seven of them multiple times. Most Putnam Rotarians are "Sustaining Members" which means a small contribution each year which accumulates to the PHF recognition.

Chet Marshall gives out Christmas cheer.
Community Cupboard
Groceries provided to Community Cupboard.

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