'Operation Fellowship & Fleece'
Making blankets
As Gil McClanahan (WOWK-TV) records the activity, Rotarians tie fringe knots in Christmas blankets for children of service personnel. Pictured (l to r) are Tom Midkiff (State Farm Insurance), Jack Bailey (Putnam Standard) and County Commissioner Joe Haynes (AEP).
Rotarians join FRG support project

Ellis and Pratt Photographer John Green (WSAZ-TV) records the lesson as Rev. Melissa Pratt tutors Dr. Bill Ellis on the finer points of blanket craft.
November 10, 2009

Putnam Rotarians today pitched in on "Operation Fellowship & Fleece," a Christmas project to provide blankets to children of some 200 soldiers. The operation is sponsored by the Army Family Rediness Group according to Mandy Fisher.

Fisher, who is Vice-President of FRG Bravo Troop 1-150th ARS, spoke to the group about her husband's deployment on his second tour in Iraq. The couple is "blessed with five children," said Fisher.

"I was raised in a large military family," she told the group. "My father is West Virginia's Command Sargeant Major Lawrence Vance. Two brothers and a brother-in-law are also serving in the National Guard."

In addition to assisting with "hands-on" blanket preparation, Putnam Rotary presented Fisher with a grant for purchase of additional fabric. Some club members took blankets home after the meeting for additional work.

The blankets will be presented as gifts to the children at a special breakfast early next month.

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