Marshall and Herron
Mike Herron (right) receives 'presidential pants' from Chet Marshall.
'Big pants to fill'
Marshall recognizes leadership of Mike Herron

October 6, 2009

Chet Marshall is president of Putnam Rotary for the current year, but recently much of his time has been spent out of town.

Mike Herron has been presiding at weekly meetings of the club while Chet undergoes a series of treatments at the University of Texas MD Anderson Center in Houston.

Papa Chet, as he is affectionately known, continues to attend luncheon meetings however despite dangerously low resistance to infections due to chemotherapy.

He wears a face mask to filter out airborne bugs, and instead of shaking hands he "bumps elbows" with those whom he meets.

Papa Chet today wanted to personally recognize Mike Herron for his assistance.

"I can't say he wears my hat," Marshall joked, "because I don't wear a hat.

"My feet are so small, I can't say he fills my shoes.

"So I'm going to give Mike a pair of pants," he said, "in appreciation of the job he has done in filling my pants."

While perhaps not suitable for formal wear, the pants had plenty of waist-room.

Herron responded that the extra size would guarantee that, "I will never get too big for my britches."

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