Chet Marshall
President "Papa" Chet calls for pledges.

Pledge Card

Chet R. Marshall
'Embrace ideals,' new president urges

July 7, 2009

Chet R. Marshall took up the gavel of authority today in his first meeting of the year in Putnam Rotary. "Be a Rotarian," he told the club members. "Don't be just a member of a club."

Continuing a theme with which he has often challenged the group, Marshall explained that the ideals of Rotary went far beyond attendance at the weekly luncheon meetings. Teamwork as a group in Rotary can make the result much greater than the sum of its parts.

"'Service Above Self'," a guiding principle of the organization, is necessary, he said, "both in professional and personal lives."

"Pledge Cards" were distributed to club members. "Just sign it," said the new President. "Then simply put it in your purse -- or in your pocket -- and just keep it. And don't forget that you have made a pledge to be a Rotarian."

There had been some speculation about the year ahead under Marshall's baton of leadership: In his present calling as a business consultant, author and motivational speaker, he spends much time on the road. His seminars and speaking schedule take him across the country and often to foreign venues in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

But Marshall recently has had to face serious health issues which he describes as "not curable, but treatable."

This week he is beginning a series of treatments, and only time will tell whether he will be able to continue his therapy at home in West Virginia or at the the University of Texas MD Anderson Center in Houston.

Today "Papa Chet," as he is affectionately known, never missed a beat. His inaugural address came from "Rotary House" in Houston, making him perhaps the first person in the fourteen-year history of the local group to preside over a meeting of Putnam Rotary from another state.

But those who know the will and way of "Papa Chet" will understand his determination to get the job done, even from a great distance and under great handicap.

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