"Papa" Chet
"Rotarian of the Year"

Chet R. Marshall
New Rotary President calls for progress, service goals

June 30, 2009

The leadership torch was passed today to Putnam's own author, motivfational speaker, business consultant and world traveler Chet R. Marshall as President of the local Rotary Club for 2009-2010, and the new helmsman hit the ground running with a dazzling command of organization skill and team command.

"This is a 'we' club," he said. "And I feel absolutely at ease with the good team we have for the new year.

"Putnam is one of the few clubs in our district," he said, "which met all of its goals for the year."

Marshall -- "Papa" Chet as he has become affectionately known -- expects to continue existing projects of service to the community in the new year, and extend the outreach of the club.

"We are looking at several new projects, some of them long-range, which will be a real blessing to the community.," he said.

Marshall noted that many eeople had joined the club as a base for professional networking. "They joined Rotary for the wrong reasons," he said, "because Rotary is much, much more than that."

As he spoke, the new President passed out materials representing extensive preparation -- a directory, schedules for quarterly club assemblies, schedules for monthly meetings of the board of directors, committee membership assignments and duties of the standing committees.

"When you realize all the good being done, you'll want to be a part of it," he said.

An active recruiter for membership, Marshall wants to double club numbers in the coming year. "There are great things needing to be accomplished in this county," said Marshall, "and the more members we have, the more we will be able to do."

Leading by personal example, the new Presidnet has taken the initiative for many of the club's service interests both locally and through his contacts in travels abroad.

In recognition of work already undertaken, Chet Marshall was also recognized today as a Paul Harris Fellow -- the fourth time he has been so honored -- and as Putnam's Rotarian-of-the-Year.

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