Red Cross
Jarret and Sentelle
Red Cross Chapter CEO Scott Jarret (left) receives a grant of $500 from Rotarian Sam Sentelle.
Sam Sentelle, Red Cross winners in 2nd raffle drawing

March 31, 2009

Today was the day for the second drawing in the Putnam Rotary raffle, and there were dual winners as it turned out.

The winning ticket was held by Rotarian Dr. Sam Sentelle, but the winner immediately donated the $500 cash prize to the Central West Virginia chapter of the American Red Cross.

Sentelle made the gift on behalf of Putnam Rotary which has supported the Red Cross through several service projects.

He had been a 13-gallon donor in Red Cross blood drives until told the organization could no longer accept his blood. "If they won't take my blood, I'll donate something else," Sentelle explained.

In accepting the gift for the Central West Virginia chapter, CEO Scott Jarrett pledged to do whatever might be necessary to get Sentelle back on the blood donor list.

A member of the Rotary Board of Directors, Sentelle also serves on the county Board of Education and the Library Board.

The final drawing in the first annual Rotary raffle will be made on Tuesday, April 14th, for a cash prize of $2,000. A limited number of tickets were still available at noon today.

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