Rotarians ring for Christmas cheer
November 13, 2008

Putnam Rotarians manned the Salvation Army kettle today at Kroger's on Great Teays Boulevard. Bell ringing to raise funds for the Salvation Army has been an annual Christmas project for the local club.

Left to right on the early shift are Tina Brumfield, Dr. Melissa Pratt, Bob Keely and Mary Keely.
Ringing for the noon shift are Alice Riffee, Chet Marshall, Dianna Casto and Randy Lucas.
Manning the kettle for the late afternoon are James McKee, Rev. Bill Ellis, Kitty Ellis and Dr. Kristy Ellison.
Meeting the rush hour crowd are Glen Clark, Sherri Payne and Bill Rust.
Working the evening shift are David Williams, Gina Dailey and Wanda Robertson.

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