'Clean water for Ghana'
Putnam Rotary meets goal

Bob Keely
The water jug overflows in Putnam.

May 6, 2008

As the May 9th deadline approached, Bob Keely passed around the water jug for "happy dollar" donations, and Putnam Rotarians responded with generosity to push the total over the $1,000 goal for the "Ghana Clean Water" project.

As with many service projects, a little local funding is matched and re-matched to multiply the impact of support through the Rotary Foundation.

The Ghana project seeks to eliminate the waterborne Guinea worm and provide clean drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people in 30 to 40 cities.

The project was initiated by Rotary District 7550, which covers 33 local clubs in southern West Virginia.

The original district goal was $20,000. But the idea took off, and District 7550 was joined by RI districts in upstate New York, Virginia (District 7570), and a local Rotary Club in Connecticut.

To the total amount matched by Rotary Foundation will be added grants from World Vision, the Hilton Hotel Foundation and The Carter Foundation Logistical & Technical Support.

All in all, the $1,000 from Putnam Rotary will help leverage $598.700 to bring clean drinking water to the African nation of Ghana.

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