Marshall & Tabaro
Marshall (right) presents his books and aid to Molly Tabaro
Remmy & Molly Tabaro
Remmy (left) and Molly Tabaro in the new library

Student assembly in the Commons

New Library
Another view of the library

E xterior of the Divine Secondary School, P. O. Box 55, Abita Ababiri, Entebbe, Uganda
Return to Uganda . . .
Chet Marshall reports on Putnam Rotary International Project

January 10, 2006

The International Project for Putnam Rotary is on track and moving full steam ahead Chet Marshall, author and lecturer, reported today.

During one of his stops at his local home base, Marshall reported on a return to Uganda, and efforts to provide basic needs to the Divine Secondary School near Entebbe.

The orphanage/school traces its beginnings to 1973 when in response to the devastating AIDS epidemic Remmy and Molly Tabaro began taking orphans into their home. Those acts of love and kindness have grown to serve 88 students today with a staff of 17 full and part time teachers and support staff. Average pay for staff members is $55 to $70 per month.

The story of Joshua is typical for the Divine School students:

I am 19 years old my mother died when I was ten years and my sister had 2 years. My father was a politician in Ethiopia country in Africa, he was killed and we ran away for our lives in Kenya by bus and when we reached Kenya I wanted to come to Uganda for a job. I gave a lady my young sister to work for her in return to give me money to take me to Uganda. I worked for food until people led me to Mrs. Molly Tabaro who took me back to school and I am staying with her. She suggested I go to Kenya and get my sister and join us in Uganda.

Marshall first visited the orphanage/school during one of his frequent international tours last spring, and immediately proposed that Putnam Rotary establish a "book fund" for the private Christian school serving children in age from 13 years to 23. He pledged to match all funding provided by the local club.

Student desks cost $20 each for the Divine Secondary School, and Marshall donated $500 to purchase desks for nearly a third of the students.

During a return trip last September, Marshall matched a $500 gift from Putnam Rotary to the children's home and school, and presented a match of $850 to a gift from Marshall's Coach Ralph May -- a total of $2,700.

The charity project by Remmy and Molly Tabaro began with their concern for many street children who had no parents and no way to pay the fees required for secondary achool attendance. They invited children to their home in Kitara where they shared food, clothing, and spiritual counseling.

A modest school building was erected in 2003 out of the Tabaros' personal funds.

The greatest need for the Divine Secondary School today is electricity and potable running water. There is also a need for building space, and laboratory equipment.

Longer range projects include a medical clinic, a home for babies and a technical program.

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