Pictured (l to r) are Walker Thompson (LVP Board), Peggy Melton (LVP Director), Cindy Winters (LVP Board), Linda Nesbitt (Putnam Rotary and LVP Board), Laberta Salamacha (Putnam Rotary), Randy Lucas (Rotary Assistant District Governor), and Dr. Nye Clinton (LVP Board President)
Literacy Volunteers of Putnam
Rotary gives dictionaries
for adult literacy

December 6, 2005

Santa Claus came early for the Literacy Volunteers of Putnam this year.

At the annual holiday celebration for tutors and students at Putnam Career and Technical Center today, members of Putnam Rotary came in with five cartons of dictionaries.

The gift of 250 books means that all adult literacy students in the area will own a personal dictionary.

Rotary District 7550, which includes 32 local clubs in southern West Virginia, decided to contribute to the national "Dictionary Project" as an educational charity for the current year.

The Putnam Club chose to participate in the district project for the county, and adult literacy has been supported by the group for several years as a community service.

The idea for the national Dictionary Project began in 1992 when Annie Plummer of Savannah, Georgia, gave 50 dictionaries to children who attended a school close to her home.

But she didnít stop there. In her lifetime she raised the money to buy 17,000 dictionaries for children in the city.

Since her death in 1999, over 1.25 million children have received dictionaries because thousands of people saw the same need in communities all over the United States.

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