'Have gratitude for life,'
Marshall reminds Rotarians
Chet Marshall
Chet Marshall

July 26, 2005

Writer and speaker Chet Marshall had returned from the bedside of a longtime friend who had suddenly taken ill. Emergency surgery revealed a terminal condition.

Marshall quoted at length from the "Ten Scrolls" of Og Mandino as he talked about the day he had spent at the side of the patient.

"Why have I been allowed to live this extra day, while others have departed?" he asked rhetorically.

"Life is a measure of time," Marshall told the group. "If I waste one, then I lose the other.

"Be grateful for each day, then live that day as if it will be your last. And live it in service to others.

"Success is when you add value to self," said Marshall. "Significance is when you add value to others."

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