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Chaney & Nesbitt

Linda M. Nesbitt (right), representing Old Colony Company, Realtors presents a check for $1,000 to Jackie Chaney for the Putnam Literacy Volunteers.

From Putnam Literacy

February 1, 2005

In a generous show of support for adult literacy programs in Putnam County, Old Colony/GMAC has made a gift of $1,000 to Literacy Volunteers of Putnam on behalf of realtor Linda M. Nesbitt.

Operating out of the Putnam Main Library on an an annual budget of less than $20,000, Literacy Volunteers provides one-on-one tutors for more than fifty adult student/clients. Half of these students are also working on basic math skills. Some of them want to be able to read to their children, to read a restaurant menu, or simply to learn skills essential to holding a job.

One out of five adults is unable to read above the 5th grade level.

The LVP adult literacy program prepares students to earn a high-school-equivalency diploma.

In recent years, students for the program have come from all over the world, moving to Putnam usually due to corporate assignment of family members to this area. At present LVP tuttors work with nineteen students who wish to learn conversational English as a second language.

Old Colony has been an active supporter of adult literacy through scholarships and numerous fund-raising activities.

Nesbitt has been an advocate for adult literacy as a member of the LVP Board of Directors for five years.

She taught elementary children for twenty-two years in West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and California. She has been a member of the church choir for ten years at Cross Lanes United Methodist. She is a ten-year member of Putnam County Rotary Club.

None of these activities hold a candle to her proudest achievement, however: Nesbitt is now a proud new grandmother.

On request, photos are readily available for display.

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