Chet Marshall
Chet R. Marshall
Rotarians hear speaker, author Chet Marshall

November 9, 2004

"Everything we do and say begins with a thought," says author and motivational speaker Chet R. Marshall.

Putnam Rotarians today heard from Marshall that the average person has anywhere from 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts in the course of a day. The guide to effective action lies in an "intrinsic validation" of those ideas and filtering out the background "noise."

"I ask people to list ten positive things that came to mind during the day," says Marshall. "Most people get two -- or sometimes three. One fellow said he had ten, but he only listed eight. He didn't want people to think he was arrogant."

Marshall says that successful leaders view their work as a passion rather than an obligation. "Many go to work on Monday mornings because they have to (obligation). The leader choses to go, gets to go, wants to go (passion)."

Marshall involved Rotarians in a practical demonstration of the six "advisors of dimensional thinking," ways in which people can critique their respective thought processes. External dimensions include (1) empathy intuition, (2) practical judgement, (3) systems thinking. Internally, he said, our thoughts are guided by (4) self-esteem, (5) role awareness, and (6) self-direction.

Some of the group had already climbed aboard Marshall's "Elevation Express" for a self-awareness inventory -- taken on-line over the internet -- followed by a private session for analysis of the results.

"If you're too old to learn," observed Marshall, "then you're too old."

Putnam Rotarians will have no choice but persist in the "Marsall Plan" for leadership growth, because the author and speaker will be keeping a close watch.

You see, Chet Marshall makes his home in Putnam County. When resting from a presentation tour that covers fifty states, Canada and Europe, he attends Putnam Rotary regularly where he is active in the club's many community service projects and social activities.

To the next level . . .
Chet R. Marshall (right) gives a practical demonstration of leadership self-analysis methods in "Taking leaders to the next level . . . "

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